Krimston Two

Duality merged

Dual SIM capability, power bank possibility, message ability and calling facility in one sleek phone sleeve

Bridging the divide

A 1 phone solution to
a 2 SIM card problem

A tale of unrequited love. 2 SIM cards, 2 iPhones. Always divided, never meeting. Along comes TWO, the hero of long distance relationships. With the use of its sleek slim body and its savvy app it brings the 2 together in an inspiring triumph over excessive hardware. Never again to be split in 2 phones, forever unified by the power of TWO.

The full package

Designed as a handset without a screen TWO contains everything you need from a phone and more

We like things simple. Insert the SIM, clip on TWO, download the app. The rest is so easy your great- grandparents could figure it out. At your disposal is everything you could need from your primary SIM... your contacts, your messages, your recent calls, we even threw in a power bank. Pretty, smart, and eager to please...
TWO is the full package.

Emergency fuel

Offering its battery as a reserve TWO doubles as a portable charger

Just like that afternoon caffeine fix, sometimes you need to forget about everything and find a boost of energy to get you through the day. So we added a button that turns off all of TWO's features and converts it into a power bank to fuel your iPhone.

How it all started

A story of innovation and creation

We like to travel...for business, for pleasure, whatever. But we wanted to keep our phone bills down so we'd have more money to spend on cheesy souvenirs. So we did what most people do, we bought local SIMS to use for 3g and national calls. In theory it was a great idea, street-smart and cost effective, but in practice it was clumsy, awkward, and confusing managing 2 iPhones to accommodate our different SIM cards. The only solution at the time was to give up our beloved handset and trade it in for a dual-SIM phone. But when it came down to it, we just didn't have the heart to do it. Letting go of our beloved phone proved too much to bear. So in a desperate attempt to hang on to the familiar feel of the iPhone6 in our palm we brainstormed a solution. We then met with innovators across the globe... America, Lebanon, India... and worked together to make that solution a reality. And so, for us and for the world, we gave life to TWO.

The team

The brains, the beauty, the risk taker, the business shaker, the innovator, the calculator, the money maker. We found each other. We worked hard. We partied hard. We created. We innovated.

With our powers combined we bring you Krimston Two

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